Our Factory

The factory is one of the most important elements of our business because this is where the fabric comes into being.  Fabrics start out as simple spools of yarn.  After the yarn is purchased and entered into the computer system, it is warped and made ready for the knitting plants.  We have 68 warping knitting machines to accommodate for many different fabric constructions such as double needle bar machines and weft insertion machines.

  • (1) Filament Yarns Warping Operation

  • (2) Automatic Knitting Operation

  • (3) Desizeing Operation

  • (4) Solvent Scouring Machine

  • (5) Dyeing Operation

  • (6) AIRO 1000 Milling

  • (7) Heat Setting

  • (8) Automatically Packing

In our pursuit of quality and excellence, we have installed a $20-million solvent scouring machine and four of the best automatic tenter fram es for presetting, drying, and setting. Currently, we have 26 dyeing tubs in operation, allowing us to process large quantities of fabric to our exacting standards.  We also have an AIRO 1000 Milling machine to enhance fabric texture, softness, and comfort.  At the end of production, the fabric is automatically packed for shipment.